Zero Below Trampoline

My friend just got a trampoline and I was at her house bouncing on it. We got a “super” idea – what if we sleep on the trampoline? Since we only live one house away from each other I ran down and ask my mom if I could.  Of course she said “ask your Dad”. Dad said sure and gave me some keeping warm at night advice because he thought it would be cold.  I said we were going to use lots of blankets and then he gave me a speech on condensation. I smiled and nodded my head but did not really listen because I was too excited. 

Having a trampoline sleep over is on my list of things to do before I die. So, I went back to her house and my friend’s mom took us to go get snacks for the sleepover. Before we went to sleep outside, we watched the movie Leap Year (I give it a seven out of 10). After the movie, we went outside and got on our bouncing bed. We saw the big dipper, some airplanes and blimps. Then we got under our cozy blankets and fell asleep. A few hours later, my friend woke me up and said “I think I am going to freeze so bad out here that they will have to take me to the hospital or I might even die.”  I said “well if you are that cold we can go in.” It took her three seconds to get in to the house and I followed her with a time of five seconds. Our zero below sleep over lasted until one in the morning but we are going to try it again in the summer.

We finished our sleep over inside and in the morning we had blueberry pancakes and OJ. After breakfast, we packed up the blankets and I went home.