Cheer is my favorite sport. It is an extreme sport that includes four main parts. The parts to a routine are jump, stunt, tumble and dance.  This is my third year in cheerleading and I am youth.  There are four other levels tiny, mini, junior and senior.

Some people think cheerleading is just pom poms and poems.  I have news for them that is pom dancing which is a different sport than cheerleading.  We practice hard at least twice a week at our gym. The practices are two hours long and we work on our routine for the first hour and practice are tumbling skills for the second hour. We stretch before and after our practice or else we might pull a muscle or go home sore.

The routine we are working is about two minutes long. For our routine we have a super song. It is a bunch of little bits of songs put together and it sounds really cool.

We have three competitions a year and they are all off of Vancouver Island. My favorite one is Sea to Sky  There are 800 + athletes in this event and it is at the same place as the Olympics! I can’t wait to go!

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  1. hey Solana!! im ben, i LOVE cheerleading aswell, im in 4 squads….. 5 soon 🙂 this is my second year, i do 11 hours a week, along with afew other sports haha, everyone needs to get over guys doing cheerleading, i get teased heaps for doing it, but i just ignor them haha, please visit my blog(s) oh and i like yours too :)…

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