I took this pic on summer vacation!

The grass leaves stains on my knees

There baby birds are cheeping in the trees

Dew drops slip form shining leaves

Popsicles drip drop on to little hands

Gown ups sit and fittle with the fans 

The bees start buzzing in the air

Summer time is every where!


the friend I once saw  in you

is now gone 

so I carie onGONE

the memories are still there

but you are no were

I try to see it your way 

 then close my eyes

 your heart is bare

leveling only your true colors there

ones that no buddy should ever have to see                                                                             Gone

lion’s lesson

Lion was a lion he was a very very greedy mean lion. He would do anything to get what he wanted. So one day the animals of the jungle thought they should teach the lion a lesson. Little ant thought they should kick him out of the jungle. So did green crocodile but wise sloth thought of something better. All the animals liked this idea. So the next day little ant went down to the river were lion was siting. little ant said sloth gust made your favorite cake and it is cooling on the other side of the river.The lion quickly replied go get it for me. little ant Shiley said well a little ant like me can’t cross the river.  The hunters will step on me but you are so big and so strong hunters shake in your presents.

    True true replied the lion I will go and get it. So the lion stud up and made his way across the river. In the middle of the river he was starting to get his belly wet. That is when crocodile put a cup of bluer than blue blueberry juice in to the river this made the hole river go bluer then blue.The lion did not see his once yellow fur go bright blue. The lion was feeling so proud of his sneakiness that he trotted right out of the river and as soon as he did he herd laughing and saw three hunters near deathwith laughter he looked down and saw that he was blue.He was so embarrassed he jumped over the river ran past little ant thought the vines and trees and in to the planes of Africa. The blue die never came out but his greediness did. I mean how can you be greedy when you live by your self. The moral of this story is don’t be greedy or you could end up blue and by your self. 

I am laughing at that blue lion
I am laughing at that blue lion

Showing many teeth

Justice In Ways

here is a justice statement for you to place an  pinon on do you think it is right or wrong

“If you want peace, work for justice”

I disagree because there is more then one way to make peace .You could work for justice OR Charity, Food banks, the army, the R.C.M.P., psychiatrist and many more. Justice also brings anger and frustration to the ones who thought the accused was innocent and went to jail this can cause protesting and injustice. Now imagine being a hard working soldier and being told if you want peace work for justice  if that happened to me I would feel like a waste here I am tiring to keep the peace and some one say’s I am doing it wrong because I am working for are country and not the law that would crush me. So what do you think would that crush you? How would it make you feel?

Atack Of The Nothing

I see it’s eyes in the seas

It’s feet are dangling in the trees

The night brings it’s dark black fur

It’s paw print is in the ring he bought for her

It’s growling breath fogs up the seance

Its dark black tounge Licks it clean. 

It opens it’s mouth to take a bite I shake and shiver with fright ..


The internet is not always as it seems.

The internet is not always as it seems.

My Glogster

Hi this is my glogster on a book called Zlata’s Diary.I realy liked this book because It was my first book on war.  I give this book a eight out of ten.It was good have you ever read this book if you have leave a  comment and tell me what you think of it.Hope to hear from you soon bye. Click here to see in full size

Zero Below Trampoline

My friend just got a trampoline and I was at her house bouncing on it. We got a “super” idea – what if we sleep on the trampoline? Since we only live one house away from each other I ran down and ask my mom if I could.  Of course she said “ask your Dad”. Dad said sure and gave me some keeping warm at night advice because he thought it would be cold.  I said we were going to use lots of blankets and then he gave me a speech on condensation. I smiled and nodded my head but did not really listen because I was too excited. 

Having a trampoline sleep over is on my list of things to do before I die. So, I went back to her house and my friend’s mom took us to go get snacks for the sleepover. Before we went to sleep outside, we watched the movie Leap Year (I give it a seven out of 10). After the movie, we went outside and got on our bouncing bed. We saw the big dipper, some airplanes and blimps. Then we got under our cozy blankets and fell asleep. A few hours later, my friend woke me up and said “I think I am going to freeze so bad out here that they will have to take me to the hospital or I might even die.”  I said “well if you are that cold we can go in.” It took her three seconds to get in to the house and I followed her with a time of five seconds. Our zero below sleep over lasted until one in the morning but we are going to try it again in the summer.

We finished our sleep over inside and in the morning we had blueberry pancakes and OJ. After breakfast, we packed up the blankets and I went home.

Small Fry

Jeffery was a frog – a small frog. In fact, he was so small this parents needed a magnified glass to see him. One day, his parents were sooo worried that they took Jeffery to the doctor. The doctor poked him and  he licked him and he even tickled him. Then the doctor went ooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaa I see. He gave Jeffery’s parents not one but, two large bottles of pills.  He told Jeffery’s parents that one of  these pills every night should do the trick. Well, that night Jeffery’s parents gave him not one but two pills and sent him of to bed. The next morning, he was so big that his parents needed to rent a big elephant to see him. His parents were soooooooo worried they took him back to the doctor the doctor. The doctor poked him and he licked him and he even tickled him.  Then the doctor said ooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaa I see. Then he gave Jeffery’s  parents not one, not two, but three bottles of pills. He told Jeffery’s parents that three of these pills each night should do the trick. So, that night they gave Jeffery three pills and sent him to bed.  The next morning he was small again. This time he said to his parents “can I be small please”.  His parents looked at him looked, at eKaren's new princeach other and said “sure”.